Spray Oil and Shelf Stability Testing


The shelf life sensory evaluation proves that high oleic soybean oil is a solution that will provide cracker and cookie manufacturers with desired performance in products. The shelf life of several oils was tested during a six-month sensory evaluation held at a QUALISOY contracted laboratory. During the test, samples of various high oleic soybean oil blends, palm olein, high oleic sunflower oil and 75 percent oleic canola oils were used to coat crackers (11 percent of total mass). The crackers were analyzed and scored monthly by a trained panel on various attributes, including flavor, crispness and overall appearance. The analysis also evaluated the oxidative stability of the spray oils on crackers.

Crackers sprayed with high oleic soybean oil performed as well or better than other oils, and can be considered a potential option for spray oil applications.

High oleic soybean oil meets the functionality and economic needs for baking crackers and cookies, and is an ideal replacement for many partially hydrogenated oil applications.