Sensory Evaluation


During qualitative sensory testing, high oleic soybean oil performed on par with other commercially available high stability oils. A QUALISOY partner conducted the testing with 104 participants and evaluated French fries prepared in high stability oils on various sensory attributes, such as flavor, aroma, texture and appearance. Each batch of oil was seasoned in fryers for 15 days.


Sixty-six percent of consumers indicated a strong overall liking for French fries prepared in high oleic soybean oil conditioned to simulate 15 days of frying use. While 65 percent oleic canola oil had a slightly higher score, the difference was not statistically significant. This indicates that high oleic soybean oil is a strong contender to meet the flavor needs of the food industry.

According to oils expert Richard Galloway, “Soybean oil tends to produce a flavor in food products that U.S. consumers have become accustomed to and find favorable.” The neutral flavor of high oleic soybean oil allows consumers to enjoy foods’ natural flavors.